Saturday, February 12, 2022

Getting 'out and about' again!


Setting up some filters for the headmaster of Tirgaga Primary and Secondary schools!  He wanted to treat me with a gift so he went out back and cut some bananas from his banana tree!  It's pretty amazing how so many Kenyan families are self-sufficient with their land and what they can grow.

Had a wonderful visit with some of the teachers and students at Tirgaga Schools.  This is a photo of some of the teachers with their new filter and tap.  I drilled 5 extra buckets for them with taps.  They were very excited to have the filters, they had actually been struggling with Cholera recently with many children falling ill.

The secondary school has 60 children while the primary school has 300 children.  I was able to set-up more filters and taps at the larger primary school.  The photo below shows us having some fun with the younger children.  We were having a whistling contest!  The headmaster later told me that the children hadn't laughed like that in some time - he said it was good medicine from the mzungu (white person).

The children had fun touching my hairy arms!  Not many white people come through this area and when I arrived classes stopped - I was a major disruption!  Nehemiah, the head teacher was very encouraging to me telling me that this visit will have an impact on these children.  He told me that they now will go to the maps in their classrooms and locate Rochester, NY and Lake Ontario and have more conversations about where I came from.

I was asked to pray over the children and bless them - this is a public school!  My time at Tirgaga was such a blessing and it was wonderful to see and hear the name of Jesus being proclaimed!

Thank you to so many people that have given towards the water filter ministry - many, many people are now receiving clean water in the name of Jesus!

PS:  Chase and Aaron will be posting soon - they have been very busy in the hospital - please keep us in your prayers!  

Asante Sana,