Thursday, August 5, 2021

Visit to Kitoben Children's Home

 This past Saturday we ventured over to Kitoben Children's Home to visit Alice and Samwel, who run the home, and all of the children.  Every visit we make we see some new changes to the school.  They have completed a beautiful, multi-purpose dining hall that will serve both the home and the school.

                                                Here's a pic of the outside of the new building:

           This is Alice and Samwel Langat - they started and continue to run the home and the School.

Here's a short video right after Isaiah gave the children a couple of soccer balls.  Notice that a cow shares the space with the kids!

One of their greatest needs now is to build a new, larger latrine on the school compound which will cost about 350,000 KES or about $3,500.00.  The government now requires all schools to have a quarantine space for children that come down with COVID, which is another added expense for the schools.

The children are well here and are loved by Alice and Samwel.  They constantly teach the children about Christ and what it means to follow Him and to serve Him.

                                               Here's a pic of the inside of the new building

Please keep them in your prayers!