Thursday, March 9, 2023

I will be traveling this Friday 3/10/2023 back to Tenwek Hospital.  The medical focus of this trip is ear diseases.  Our spiritual mission is to break the chains of sickness and darkness; to bring those that do not know Him to the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord so graciously gave us an ENT microscope on our last trip in October and we have the necessary instruments to tackle some of the advanced ear diseases we see.  I am bringing with me an audiologist to help with hearing tests and hearing aid fittings.  Dr Cam Kirchner is also coming to help with the more advanced ear cases.  This will be a difficult trip so I am seeking your prayers for strength, wisdom, and more faith to believe that God will completely heal his people.  


There are more restrictions on supplies that we are able to bring into Kenya.  I have been working over the last months acquiring the necessary extra supplies for ear surgeries.  Kenya is now applying a Tarif to all donated supplies up to 22%.  Any expired equipment or medications are no longer allowed to cross into Kenya.  Please pray that we cross invisibly into Kenya.


Otologic Surgery (ear surgery) is highly technical and the difficult cases are challenging for the occasional ear surgeon like myself.  Please pray that God will guide me and give me courage as I tackle some very tough situations.  Dr Kirchner will only be staying for 2 weeks so I will be on my own the rest of the month.  

Jimmy will be arriving to Tenwek Hospital the last 2 weeks. There is a cholera outbreak in the surrounding town of Bomet so we are expecting his water filters to be even more useful this trip.  Pray for opportunities at schools and orphanages.  Pray for open doors to preach His Gospel to those that do not know Him.


Thank you for your faithful prayers,


Chase and Jimmy Miller