Wednesday, February 16, 2022


Otolaryngology and Neurosurgery have been intersecting this trip!  Aaron and I were able to work together this week on a combined urgent case.  Young 18 year old with a brain abscess secondary to a chronic ear infection.  We worked long and hard but praise God she is doing well. This is only by the grace of God as I usually do my ear surgery under a microscope.  This week I have been using my operating loupes which are only 2.5 magnification.  

Road traffic accidents are a common occurrence here.  Motor bikes are the cause of most of the accidents. Although all drivers most have helmets, the law does not state that helmets must be warn.  This 25 year old man sustained a head injury and complex facial fractures.  I spent most of last Friday repairing his fractures.  In my 1.5 weeks here I have seen 3 other patients with facial fractures.  I will be repairing the next patient's fractures on Friday. 

Clinic has been a busy place.  This year I have had some added help with a nurse, clinical officer, and a surgical resident.  We have been fitting hearing aids which is a huge joy.  Patients are so thrilled to be able to hear again.  I received some really great aids as a donation from a reputable hearing aid dealer.  These aids have been extremely helpful for the profoundly deaf individuals.

Next week I will be training our new ENT Clinical officer.  He is completing 2 years of schooling to work in the ENT area.  I think this will really help us as a department get more organized with scheduling surgeries prior to our arrival.

Thank you for your prayers and support.  I couldn't do the work without you.  Please continue to pray for healing for the patients.  Pray for my general surgery resident that he will learn the skills he needs to practice in the future.  

God Bless you,
Chase Miller