Friday, July 30, 2021

Week 1

 Week one has been full of surgeries and clinic visits.  I am always amazed how the hospital staff have no idea I am coming yet within two hours of starting my work the word is out and a line is forming.  The need for ENT services is so great here it is hard to walk from one end of the compound to the other without getting stopped several times to diagnose a staff member's problem.  

On Monday, my the surgical team had prepared a patient with a large salivary gland neoplasm.  This had previously been partially removed but recurred soon after her last surgery 4 years ago.  It was steadily growing and there was concern for malignancy.

Surgery was much longer than expected and very difficult.  Praise God that she is doing well with all tumor removed and no nerve damage.  She was discharged today praising God!

The remainder of the week has involved 2 days of clinic and 2 additional days in the OR.  We have repaired a complicated mandible fracture from a boda boda (motorbike) accident.  Today we operated on a patient with a large facial cyst which went well.  Clinic has had a variety of patients with tonsillar issues, hearing loss, tumors of the jaw, voice box and neck.  We have been busy fitting the hearing loss patients with hearing aids. 

I have had 2 general surgery residents to teach this year which has been a real blessing.  They are so skilled and are hard workers.  This may be the only ENT experience they have before they graduate so it is important to equip them with as much experience and knowledge as possible.  God is training them up for many "acts of righteousness for His names sake"!

Thank you again for the prayers.  I need everyone of them.
Chase Miller