Sunday, November 8, 2020

Third Week


Kenyan scenery at the top of Motigo

I continue to see as many patients as possible in clinic.  It seems it is never enough and many leave disappointed that they can not be seen.  The theme remains the same, advanced disease in young patients.  they have traveled from hospital to hospital trying to get care.

This 28 year old man had surgery previously with return of disease several years later.  He has noted an increase in size in his neck mass and has been seeking local healers.  You can see the multiple small slashes which are superficial cuts being made near the disease to treat the mass.  The patient does not know his previous diagnosis and has no medical records to help us.  CT scan is done and there is a large unresectable mass running from the base of skull the his chest.  Biopsies were performed to try to get a diagnosis to help him.  Tragically, it takes 3 weeks to get pathology results and I will be gone by then.  This story has repeated itself multiple times this week.

There have been other surgical cases that have been treatable and for this I am very grateful.  I have repaired facial fractures from a motorbike accident, performed sinus surgery for extensive nasal polyps, removed a salivary gland mass, and several tonsillectomies.

I have also continued to fit hearing aids for those in need. below is a young man thrilled with his new hearing aid.  He has had multiple ear infections since he was young and has lost both tympanic membranes and his ear bones.  This has left him with a significant hearing loss.  The aid will significantly improve his quality of life.

This coming week will be another busy one as we select those patients in most need of surgery.  Please pray that God be Lord over the schedule and we can operate on those He choses.

Chase and Jimmy Miller