Saturday, October 24, 2020

First Week

 It has been a busy first week.  God has been faithful to put patients before me that I know are from Him.  There are many others as the word gets out that ENT is here.  It is hard to walk through the hospital without getting stopped numerous times to discuss a Tenwek employees ENT issues or the problems of their family or someone in their tribe.  

When we arrived Sunday afternoon first stop was to the new Eye Dental building.  Here ENT has a clinic room to see patients and store equipment.  The room had been taken over by garbage and animals.  We spent several hours cleaning and putting together the room for clinic on Monday.  Praise God the electrical equipment all works including the SMR unit, chair, and microscope.  

We spent Monday in clinic screening patients for surgery.  I am teaching 2 family practice residents and they are eager to learn and are hard workers.  I am praying that God will work out who is to have surgery as the problems are massive.  Many cancers advanced in staging.  All coming for a cure, no one else has been able to help.  In this culture the oldest son is responsible for the parents so often the sons are bringing in the elderly parents.  

Tuesday early morning I was called to the OR for a young man who was assaulted with a machete causing a deep laceration in the front of the neck. The surgical residents were exploring the wound and noted that the voice box and airway had been injured.  The injuries were all repairable and he is healing well on the ward.  It never fails to impress me how the Lord brings these kinds of injuries in when there is the right specialist available!

I spent Wednesday removing a cancerous mass from this patient's salivary gland.  Another surgeon had attempted to remove the tumor and it recurred quickly.  We worked a big part of the day meticulously removing the tumor and sparing the nerve that moves the face.  She did well and is home recovering now.

I have also operated on a young women who looks like she has TB and an advanced cancer of the voice box.  She is on the wards and we are awaiting culture results and biopsy reports.  please pray for her this is serious and life threatening.

My last surgery on Friday was a 17 year old female with a large mass in her neck.  We explored the neck without any biopsy or CT scan results to save her money.  We were grateful to see that this was a large benign cyst that was easily removed.  She was discharged this morning.  For those that like the details photo below!

The last thing to mention is COVID.  Yes it is here.  we have had 49 cases, 12 deaths, and recent hospital staff have become positive.  Please pray for our protection!

Thank you for your prayers.  I could not do this without the strength of the Lord.  I give Him all the Glory.  He leads us in paths of righteousness for His name's sake!!

Chase and Jimmy