Sunday, October 29, 2017

Arrived home safely

patients catching some sun outside the ward

We have arrived home safely.  Thank you for all the prayers amongst the turmoil  of the Kenyan reelection process.  We felt safe but there were daily protests mainly in areas of support for the contestant.  the reelection occurred and there was a poor turnout.  this could effect the validity of the election and destabilize Kenya further.  Please keep them in your prayers.

I left my heart in Kenya again!  I have such a love for the people there.  I know that comes from the Lord and I am grateful that he continues to call me to serve the people there.  It was a shortened visit this year because of the elections but despite this much work was done.  there were some unusual cases as usual this year.  My cry to the Lord is please show me who you would have me care for.  some many of the problems are difficult to treat.  The people come trusting for their cure.  That is tough to carry.  I must constantly remind myself that God has brought me there and will never leave my side.  I remember asking a long term missionary once, "how do you know what to take on and what not to?"  so many of the surgical cases are far advanced disease.  and he said, "test the waters and if God equips you, you will know what He is call you to."  This year God showed me clearly that He will never leave me alone and will provide me with all the help needed.  I was working way beyond my own strength.

2 Corinthians 12:9

We started the hearing program at Tenwek.  We have tried several times in the past to get this off the ground but this year the system is working well.  We are performing audiograms on an IPad.  the audiograms will get emailed to me for formal reads.  I have trained our ENT physicians assistant and all seems to be running well.  I already have 1 patient waiting for hearing aid fitting which we will start in March.

testing hearing in elderly kenyan

This patient was one of many who had unresectable cancer.  he presented with hoarseness.  there was a large laryngeal mass involving the voice box and the entire back of the tongue.  In the kenyan culture the diagnosis is discussed with the sons.  they are the ones that will tell the patient when they feel he is ready.  they had traveled 8 hours to hear this news and it was heart breaking.  We prayed for them and the son carried the news silently back on the long journey home.

one of many with unresectable cancer
This patient had a rare tumor of a minor salivary gland in the cheek region.  these are usually malignant but this mass was removed without difficulty and appeared benign.

rare minor salivary gland tumor
Young child with mother in traditional Maasai garb.  they had traveled from the border of Tanzania for airway obstruction from enlarged tonsils and adenoids.

Maasai child for adenotonsillectomy

This patient underwent a hemimandibulectomy for malignant mandible tumor.  I was concerned about adequate equipment and the ability to completely remove the tumor as it extended up into the upper jaw.  The day of surgery the mass was noticeably smaller and resection went well.  she was reconstructed with a plate without difficulty.  Praise the Lord!

large mandibular amelioblastoma

Thank you again for all your prayers.  The enemy was working hard to prevent this work but "He that is in me is greater than he that is in the world"

chase miller

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Christ redeems the curse

I am amazed how God can so wonderfully reverse a curse.  I have written before how the cleft lip and palate deformity are considered a curse here in Kenya.  Many mothers are ostracized from their tribe if they bare a child with these deformities.  it is thought to be due to the sin of the mother.  these shamed mothers and their precious children come desperate to ENT camp at AIC CURE hospital in Kijabe for surgery.  this year we had a team of 7 physicians, nurse anaesthetist, OR nurse, and tech who teamed up with the Kenyan staff to perform 49 surgeries.  We were the draw but the real work was spiritual.  the women were encouraged daily with the Gospel and word of Christ.  on discharge day a blessing ceremony was held and the mother's had a name changing opportunity where the child's name was changed to represent the curse being changed to a blessing.  Mother's praised the blessing of the Lord and the opportunity to have their shame removed.  We had a group of 9 muslim women from Daddab refugee camp.  Although they stood quietly and hid their feelings I know that seeds were planted.  My heart continues to break for these women.  they live in the world's largest refugee camp- 500,000 somalian people just across the border in eastern Kenya.  the health care they receive is minimal.  We did a cleft palate repair on a 16 year old girl this trip.

Incomplete cleft lip from refugee camp
post op photo

I am now at Tenwek Hospital working with the general surgery team.  I have seen many patients.  Some of them I have seen previously.  Many again have unresectable cancers.  One such man traveled with his son from the region of Migori, near Tanzania.  he was told in July he had cancer.  The mass is now so large he is unable to swallow and he is losing weight rapidly.  he has a large tumor of the voice box involving the entire back of his tongue.  Surgery would be more than he could physically endure in his wasted condition.  His son will take him home now.  In this culture the diagnosis is not discussed with the elderly patient but only with the family.  the family will determine when it is time to discuss with the patient.  We prayed and supported the son and I am always amazed how thankful the kenyans are despite their difficult circumstances.  This is one of many I have had to tell they have untreatable cancer.

Elderly man with unresectable cancer
12 Kg baby who underwent adenotonsillectomy for airway obstruction

Despite many sad circumstances there are many diseases that I have been able to treat.  We have removed several rare conditions including nasopalatine cyst and buccal cheek mass.  Facial abscess has been drained and mandibular cyst treated.  Adenotonsillectomy on failure to thrive 1.5 year old. We have started testing hearing and this is going well.  Hopefully, hearing aids will be dispensed at my next visit. Thank you for all the donations as these funds have paid for 4 of the surgeries so far.

In Christ,
Chase Miller

Friday, October 13, 2017

We all made it safely to Kenya!

We apologize for the very late blog updates, but we've experienced some difficulties with internet.  We all had some travel difficulties this year, but we made it only by God's grace - thank you for your prayers!  Chase arrived a bit later than expected in Nairobi Saturday night, but was able to hook-up with the Cleft lip team and travel over Kijabe.  The team performed 49 cleft lip surgeries and that equals many, many transformed lives, not just for the children, but for the parents as well!

Jimmy and Hunter arrived in Nairobi Thursday night, October 5th and spent two nights in Nairobi.  We met up with Jimmy and Rose Wambua and connected again for the Sawyer water filters.  We toured the Japmor offices, enjoyed lunch together and went to their home for Chai.  Saturday we left to go pick up Chase and off to Tenwek Hospital.

Chase saw patients on Monday and then woke up Tuesday morning feeling ill.  Looks like she may have had some bad food or water and became dehydrated.  One of the missionary surgeons came down to the apartment with an OR tech and began to give her IV fluids.  Chase felt better, but struggled the next two days and limped along at the hospital.  As usual, she has been seeing some very sick patients and so surgery has started to pick up for her.  Please continue to pray for Chase for strength and health!

Jimmy and Hunter have been working on water filters and as of this post, we have given all of them away (215 filters), but we still have some to deliver.  We purchased 40 of our own buckets to help some of the people out that could not afford a bucket at full price.

Chase will have an update tonight or tomorrow - thanks for your prayers!!
Jimmy, Chase, & Hunter
Good rains mean electricity and water to drink!

Hunter putting together a filter!
Completed buckets ready for a home!

Promoting - "Pure Water for Africa"

Friday, September 29, 2017


I am leaving today friday 9/29 for Kijabe, Kenya.  the trip has been on and off because of the upcoming revote over the recent election for president.  there is a travel ban around the time of the revote but by the grace of God the vote was moved back and we will be able to get in and out of the country.  our trip was shortened several days but I know God is in control.

This year the first week will be cleft lip and palate work with a Samaritan's Purse, WMM team.  I will then join Jimmy and Hunter and head up to Tenwek Hospital.  I have several consultations already waiting!  I hope to establish audiometry (hearing) services and I have purchased several hearing aids to supply those in need.  the aids are powered by solar charged batteries making it possible for the kenyans to recharge the very expensive batteries.

Please continue to cover our travels in your prayers.  We could not accomplish all that we do without your faithful prayers!

Chase Miller

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Miller Kenya Mission Trip Letter

We believe in, "The God who gives life to the dead and calls things that are not as though they were."

One of God's beloved
We will be leaving for Kenya again soon.  We are believing He will bring life to many lifeless circumstances.  I will be leaving on September 29th for Kijabe, Kenya.  I will be joining a team of surgeons to perform cleft lip and palate surgery.  This will be my third trip with this team.  I am awestruck by the transformation that this surgery brings not only physically but also spiritually. These mothers and children are outcasts, but God adopts them and calls them righteous.  His grace and mercy are abundant, and many mothers come to know the goodness of the Lord through this surgery on their children.

Filters at the visually impaired school
Jimmy and Hunter will be joining me on October 8th to head up to Tenwek Hospital.  Jimmy will be casting a wide net this year for those in need of clean water.  The goal this year will be to distribute 300 water filters to needy schools, orphanages, and small villages.  Each year God is faithful to orchestrate divine encounters with Kenyans that lead him to special projects.  Last year was the visually impaired school.  This year we wait expectantly for what God will do.

New classrooms at Kitoben
Hunter will be leading us in orphanage ministry.  We continue to stay connected with Kitoben Children's Home.  They are in the later stages of building a school for classes K-5.  This comes through your generous donations.  Samwel and Alice have adopted over 100 children and continue to pour themselves out for these children.  It is such a blessing to see them growing up in the knowledge of the Lord.

Please pray for our travels.  There is unrest over an upcoming re-vote of the Kenyan Presidential elections.  This will be occurring while we are in country and may affect dates of travel.  Thank you for your support.  We have always felt this ministry was born of the Lord and fueled by the prayers and financial support of the saints.  Stay connected through our new website below or blog site:

God Bless, Jimmy and Chase Miller, and Hunter Legg

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Saturday, April 1, 2017

On my way home

It has been an incredible trip.  I am so grateful to God for all that He has done for His people.  It has been His miraculous work.  God has faithfully brought His people to me.  At first it was a massive rush, then a steady pace each day.  I have lost count of the number of salvations.  God has expanded His kingdom.  He has been victorious over the darkness.  Even to the last day today He has continued to do His work.  This morning I was asked to see a man who had been beaten.  He had been drinking and was assaulted with a Rungu in the face.  He had multiple deep lacerations on his face and lost his left eye.  I examined him and reported to the surgical team my advice on his further care. as I would be leaving.  I had rounded and was done for the day.  I had much to pack to prepare for the long journey home but a very gentle thought came to mind to check on him and make sure he knew Jesus.  the patient was very repentant and admitted  he did not know Jesus.  I shared the gospel and he so willingly invited Jesus into his heart and confessed with his mouth his faith.  As with the others I felt a palpable change in the air.  I was sure he was a new creation and he would have a different path for his life.  Thank you Jesus!

Victim of assault

My little 11 year old with the parotid tumor went home.  She healed beautifully and her facial function has almost returned to normal.

 My heart is broken as I think about leaving these precious people and my wonderful residents that I taught.  As I said good by to my residents the Lord reminded me "It was me that was here, I am still with them".  thank you Lord.  Please bring me back again soon!

Blessings to you,
Chase Miller

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A great day!

Today was one of those days where you feel God spent all His time on you.  I was in the operating theatre today and cases went well.  The big case was removal of the large salivary tumor in a young 11  year old girl.  the family was prepared for her face being paralysed after surgery which is a dreaded complication.  It was a risk in such a tremendously large tumor.  The case took 4 hours but went extremely well.  The nerve that moves the face was preserved and I am so grateful to God.  He was Lord over all the details!

After surgery I felt a tug to go back to clinic and check up on Peter, the ENT physicians assistant.  Normally, I would collapse in a chair.  I found him struggling over a difficult case.  20 year old male with recurrent oral ulcers.  he was in extreme discomfort and had been seen in many clinics previously without a diagnosis.  He has a rare autoimmune disease called Bechet's Syndrome.  We were able to start him on the necessary medication.  We prayed and were so grateful that he would soon be feeling better.  

I felt the Lord guiding every step today.  I am grateful and anticipate another good day tomorrow.  

God bless,
Chase Miller