Friday, October 16, 2020

 On our way       OCTOBER 2020PRAYER LETTER


The Lord will fulfill His purpose for me; your love O Lord endures forever – do not abandon the works of your hands.

Psalm 138: 8


We are heading back to Kenya 10/16 through 11/15.  The call of God to continue to walk in His purposes weighs heavy upon us.  He has assured us of His angelic protection during this time of pestilence and unrest. COVID has reached the rural hospital of Tenwek but the numbers are small and manageable.  The mortality is high because the missionary physicians have chosen not to use respirators on these patients.  The international travel ban has been lifted in Kenya since September but there have been few visiting short-term physicians to bring relief to the resident missionaries.  Many of the long termers have returned to the states so I can imagine it is a desolate place right now.  We are praying we can bring a refreshing wind to a dry and weary land.  


We will arrive carrying more ENT instruments to continue to build the Otolaryngology equipment.  We received a top of the line nasal endoscope from Storz which ENT and neurosurgery will use frequently.  20 hearing aids have been donated and I am bringing all the supporting supplies.  I have completed a surgical tray of ear instruments so that we can now restart ear surgeries at Tenwek.  We pray that all the supplies will be invisible as we cross the border.  God has been so faithful with this in the past.  


Dispersion of water filters will again be Jimmy’s mission.  This year there are constraints on our ability to go out into the rural areas and to attract crowds.  We are asking the Lord for divine appointments as Jimmy goes about his day on the hospital grounds.  Schools remain out of session so his focus will likely be more on orphanages and churches.  Pray that the living water of Jesus is received.


We will be visiting Kitoban Children’s Home throughout our month-long stay.  We love walking along side them and investing in the wonderful work of the Lord here.  Over the last year we have been able to provide further water tanks for the grounds.  We are hoping to help in the much-needed dining hall project this trip.  But most of all we look forward to reconnecting with Alice, Samuel and the children.


Thank you for your faithful prayers for our health and safety.  Please pray that the kingdom of God will enlarge and that His people are healed.  That the praises of God will be on our lips and a witness to His Glory.


Chase and Jimmy Miller
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