Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Water filter delivery is 'up and running'!

Jimmy and Geoffrey getting ready for water filter delivery
We made it safely to Tenwek Hospital in Bomet, Kenya last Saturday!  Prayers answered for me, Jimmy, as I went through customs without one bag being searched.  All 115 water filters, drill bits and some medical equipment intact and ready to be used.  That is always a stressful time for me, but the Lord works on me to give it to Him and not to worry and when I do...I get through with His help!!

First trip out was quite an adventure.  A one hour boda boda (motorcycle) ride to a small school (Lelbarak Primary School) that had been struggling with water issues.  On our way out, we had a rear tire flat, but thankfully we came across a small duka (small shop) that repairs tires!  It was quite a ride, but finally made it to our destination.
Met with the head teacher and the chairman of the school board and got them setup with multiple filters and containers.  They were very thankful!!!
New filters and buckets at Umoja Children's Home
The above picture is from Umoja Children's Home - Joseph, in the middle, runs the orphange with his wife and he tracked me down because they have more children now at the home.  Their need for more clean water has increased tremendously!  Here they are showing off the new filters and buckets!

Thank you for your prayers and support - please keep Chase in your prayers for rest and sleep at night.  Her clinics have been swamped with patients and has been working late into the night, but even in the midst of this busyness, we see glimpses of God's hand on His people!

Peace and Blessings,