Monday, November 18, 2019

last week at Tenwek

It was an incredibly busy 2nd week at Tenwek Hospital.  The clinical officers are on strike again which has forced patients away from governmental hospitals and more to hospitals like Tenwek where the CO's are continuing to work.  This has filled the wards up to overflowing.  this creates issues with surgical patients and post operative bed shortages.

My clinic days were overwhelming.  I had more than 100 patients waiting to be seen.  I wish I had a photo of the registration line but I was literally afraid to be seen outside as the patients were pressing in and so desperate to be seen.  I could not see everyone that needed a visit despite staying in clinic as late as 10:30 at night one evening.  God was so faithful to strengthen me for those long days.

The operating theater days were also very busy my second week.  I took care of a variety of problems including a bronchoscopy, tracheostomy for airway issues in a child, mandible reduction for a motorbike accident, large maxillary cyst, parotidectomy and allergic fungal sinusitis.

The case that stands out the most was a young 18 year old muslim women from Somalia.  She had the worst case of allergic fungal sinusitis I have seen.  this is a condition where fungus gets into the sinuses and then the body develops an allergic reaction.  this caused significant inflammation pushing on her eye, lacrimal system and eroding the bone that separates the sinuses and the cranial cavity.  I approached this endoscopically despite the relatively few instruments we had.  the women was quiet preoperatively and did not appear to speak English unlike her husband who did all the speaking.  she took a very submissive role to him. Preoperatively I asked to pray for the patient and explained that I would be praying in the name of Jesus and they were accepting of this.  We discussed the seriousness of her condition and that surgery alone would not be curative. she would need medications postoperatively.  the surgery took 5 hours and was very extensive but I was able to remove all the fungus and infection in the sinuses.  the next morning on rounds the patient was alone without her husband.  I explained the extent of surgery and that Jesus was her healer.  I shared what He had done for her and who Christ was.  She engaged in the conversation in perfect English and was listening intently.  She was being treated like she mattered and was loved for who she was.  she did not have to hide.  In the end she asked, "will I ever see you again?" and the tears welled up as I realized the life she was going back to. Lord, please redeem her and provide for her!

there are so many other stories that bring Glory to God.  He was truly bringing His people in and ministering to them one by one.  I am blessed to be an instrument in His hands!

chase miller