Sunday, November 3, 2019

Kijabe Hospital

My week at AIC Cure was full of work.  We arrived in Nairobi early Sunday morning and were screening patients by that afternoon.  We saw well over 60 patients and selected 35 for surgery.  This year we had many more cleft palate surgeries which are more challenging and longer than the lip surgeries.  We worked long hours but all the surgeries were completed.  God truly watched over us and guided our hands.  We had a great team of 5 surgeons, 2 nurse anesthetists, an OR nurse, prosthodontist, office staff and 3 nonmedical workers.  We also were joined by a full time missionary surgeon and several general surgery residents.  We had several fairly sick children but God has been faithful to hear our prayers for healing.  At the end of the week dinner with the Kenyan staff we learned that 45 parents and family members were presented the Gospel and there were 9 patients that gave their life to the Lord.  One family I will not forget.  The 4 month old baby had a bilateral cleft lip surgery on Thursday.  As mother waited for her Childs surgery she heard the presentation of the gospel many times and the day before her baby's surgery she gave her life to the Lord.  Baby Immaculate had complications from the surgery and required transfer to the nearby hospital for support.  Mother was having her first faith test.  the chaplains faithfully ministered to her and now  baby is out of critical condition and we are praising God for his faithfulness.

This was God's blessing to us at the end of a long hard week.  God was glorified and we are praising him for His healing power.  I am at Tenwek Hospital now about to start my 2 weeks here.

Chase Miller