Friday, November 2, 2018

Jimmy's last day at Tenwek & Chase's last day at Kijabe

Friday, November 2nd, 2018

Time seems to fly by here at Tenwek.  My two weeks are up and I've been packing and saying my goodbyes until next time.  While typing, I had a knock at the door and it was Geoffrey, my boda boda (motorcycle) driver.  He was on his way home and remembered that I was leaving first thing in the morning so he stopped over and say goodbye!  He has been a good friend over the years and very trustworthy.  I will miss him along with Peter Rono, another driver - Ok, so my other friend Julius just stopped by to say goodbye as well!!  Every time I come here I learn more about my Kenyan brothers and sisters and their beautiful, simple lives and genuine hospitality.  I hope I can mimic a portion of that hospitality and love when I come back home?!  Sometimes our lives get so busy and cluttered that we miss God opportunities.  I pray that I don't get caught up in the craziness on my return?!

Cheptuiyet Primary School
These students (Standard 8) just finished three days of exams for entrance into high school.  They must perform well on their exams because it will determine where they will end up.  I had the opportunity to listen to the teachers encourage them and send them off and then they asked me to end in prayer for the students and staff - a great honor!!

Thank you Lord for the opportunity to be here and to share your love!

Thank you all for your prayer support!!