Thursday, October 25, 2018

Water filtration 'up and running'!

October 25th, 2018

Water filtration is up and running!

10/22/18:  Monday was a day of setting up appointments and greeting some old friends, but I was still able to hand out 5 filter sets to an Anglican Priest from Pittsburgh, PA who is at Tenwek with his wife who is a general surgeon.  He and I had lots to talk about being from the Pittsburgh area.  He'll be traveling some more in Uganda with his wife, so I set them up with filters.

10/23/18:  This morning I hit the road and went to Umoja orphanage.  I had been here three years ago and they have grown with more children and needed some filter upgrades.  We purchased a large tank and some smaller containers for clean water and got them all hooked up.

10/24/18:  Today was a day for new things!!  Boda Boda ride (motorcycle ride) through the back hills and villages around Tenwek and Bomet.  At one point, I had no idea where I was and I'm pretty good with directions!  Yeeehaaaaaa!!  

I had lots of looks!  "Mzungu on boda boda!!" - translated to:  "White man on motorcycle"!
This is not a common occurrence!

10/25/18:  Back at it this morning!
We went to three schools and a medical clinic all before 1pm!  My rear end was a bit tired, if you know what I mean?!  Paved roads in this area are non-existent. 

Seger Junior Academy
At this particular school I had a nice conversation with some of the staff and the Head Teacher (Principle) about faith and prayer.  I told them that I'm here only by faith and prayer.  Having a relationship with Jesus Christ is what is carrying me from the US to Kenya.  I'm here with two gifts:  One gift is clean water and the other is The Living Water - Jesus!
Some of the staff knew what I was talking about and I heard a lot of Amens!!  But some others were a bit unsure and slide quietly out the back.  I challenged the staff who 'believe' to talk to the ones that  left and speak with them out of love!

Please continue to join us in prayers for our Kenyan brothers and sisters.  Many know the Lord, but many do not!

Asante Sana!!
(Thank you very much)