Tuesday, October 16, 2018

a long day

Today was a busy day.  God did a miracle with my luggage it arrived tonight intact, nothing missing and no taxes needed to be paid! I am very grateful.

We did a Thyoidectomy for a very large thyroid goiter today.  All went well and patient is recovering without issues.  Thank you God

Clinic this afternoon was very busy.  I saw many patients.   Several with large head and neck tumors. We are in the process of evaluating them. unfortunately the CT scan is broken so we need to make decisions like the old days!  I am enjoying working with my general surgery resident who is so enthusiastic to learn.  He enjoys spending time with the patients and praying with them so we are working well together.

tomorrow we have a small biopsy in a child and no other surgery lined up  yet.  we will see what casualty brings in today.

thank you for continued prayers for the patients and strength for me.

chase miller